Where in the World Is all This Traffic Coming From?

One of the exciting things about marketing through the internet is watching your traffic increase over time. But this is more than an nifty thing to check out on the weekends. It’s essential that online businesses know exactly where their traffic is coming from and what those visitors are doing when they get to your website. Why? So you can deliver exactly what your visitors are looking for.

Your visitors will often come to your website and perform searches for the specific information they are looking for.  The truth is, the days of simply surfing the web out of boredom are long gone. The internet has quick become a resource for targeted information. When you are able to effectively track and measure the traffic that is coming to your site, you are one step closer to harnessing the power of the internet.

For example, if you have a site that sells artwork and your tracking software tells you that most visitors are looking at paintings that are predominantly blue in color and that those visitors are coming from the U.K., maybe you should put some blue paintings on the hompage or gear your online marketing toward that specific group of buyers. Maybe you should find more blue paintings and survey your past customers to see if the are interested in buying more blue-toned paintings. There are paid and free tracking softwares out there. Find a good one that delivers detailed information and put it to use.

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