Why You Need What You Don’t Need

I know what you’re thinking, “Oh no, Nate has fallen off his rocker with this one. How can I need what I don’t need?” Trust me, it makes perfect sense. Here’s why . . .

One comment I often received is, “Nate, your presentation was excellent,” to which I almost always follow up with, “Thank you. I have an awesome public speaking coach.” Interesting enough, the reply is often, “Nate, you don’t need public speaking classes. You’re a great speaker.”

BINGO! Everyone needs a coach. Would you tell an athlete like Olympic champion swimmer, Michael Phelps, who has won 16 Olympic medals total, “Hey Michael, you don’t need a coach, you’re already a great swimmer?” Probably not.

In sports, business, online marketing, public speaking, or anything that you seek to excel in, continuing education, training, and a coach who knows what skills you need to succeed is essential. You’ll often find that those who you perceive don’t need coaching, are the ones that understand how much they do need coaching.

So, who is my public speaking coach? Pam Chambers (www.pamchambers.com). And, I just got an email from her today that she’s opening up a Level I class for new students this month. Whether you are an experienced speaker or simply someone that understands the value of being able to effectively present to co-workers and peers, I highly recommend giving Pam a call. I’ve attached the flyer for her upcoming class session here.

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