What Links Are Your Visitors Clicking Most? More Google Analytics Magic

If you’re not already using Google Analytics to track your website statistics, you are missing out! It’s free and it’s powerful. One of the features of the software is it will give you a visual overlay of what links on your website are being clicked most. Talk about valuable information! If you have a website about candle making and you find out that most of your visitors are clicking on homemade candles menu link and hardly anyone is clicking on beeswax candles, would that not be valuable? Of course it would. Suppose most of your visitors click on the homemade candles link but most of your sales are for beeswax candles. What does that tell you? Hmmmm. . . the beeswax sales page is working and and the homemade candles sales page is not. Now you know which page you ┬áneed to change to make more sales.


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