Is Your Website Outdated? Here’s the Sure-Fire Measuring Stick.

The internet has been changing my friends as new stars are rising to the top of the search engines. The question today is, “Is your website outdated?” Your reaction may be, “Well, of course not. I have my phone number and business name there. It’s good.” Let’s take a closer look at the measuring stick.

There are actually several measuring sticks, namely: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. That’s right, the major search engines. I guess you could include AOL, Alta Vista, and all the others as well. But, “What does that have to do with my website?”, you ask. Let’s use to illustrate our example. When you look at the website, what are the defining characteristics: clean, easy to read, 3-dimensional buttons, organized, and exciting. It makes you want to get involved and click on something. It’s a dynamic page. 

Now, what happens when someone goes to Yahoo and does a search for your website, as soon as your site comes up, the viewer is subconciously comparing that site to the last one he or she came from. Here’s the point, if someone trusts enough to deliver them the best results for what they’re looking for, shouldn’t your site reflect the professional quality of Yahoo so you can ride on their credibility? Of course. 

Your site need to be up to par with what the search engines are doing. Google is also very simplistic, however, the subtleties of the design give it dynamic overtones. If the search engines make your site look outdated, it’s time for an upgrade. 

Before I close this out, here’s a great example:

I went to and did a search for auto repair and here are two sites that came up on the first page:



The difference is huge. Were are you going to go first for your auto parts? I’ll let you answer that. Does it cost an arm and a let to get a slick site like that done? No way. Who do you think gets more business? They both showed up on the first page of the search results? You be the judge. 

Have a look over your website. Is it time for an upgrade? Maybe it is. You can find web designers all over the place who can do a decent job revising your site. And hey, if you’d like me to have a look over your current website, shoot me an email at I’d be glad to give it a look and tell you what I think.

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