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Is Social Media a Silver Bullet for Online Marketing?

First of all, I just want to thank the University of Hawaii: Kapiolani Community College for the invitation to close out their certification program for non profit organizations. We had a great four hour workshop on social media with emphasis on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I look forward to networking with all those who attended.

One of the points that we discussed in the workshop is how social media is a set of tools and not necessarily the silver bullet for success. The print media is now printing stories quite regularly about how businesses have been able to achieve great results with services like Twitter. Now, does that mean that as soon as you open up a Twitter profile for you or your business, you are going to experience immediate results? That depends on how you use this set of tools we call social media or social networking.

Online social networking is, in my opinion, like a drawer full of tools in your marketing toolbox. Is it the silver bullet for success online? No. However, it is definitely part of the black powder that fires the silver bullet of marketing. And, if you’re missing some of the black powder from your bullet, it’s not going to reach as far as you need it to.

For an aggressive online presence, social media is essential. It builds relationships and trust with an audience that has sought you out because of the information you are sharing. If you haven’t already done so, I strongly encourage everyone to take a closer look at how social media can boost your business.

For those who are interested in private consultation on about how social media could help your business or cause, shoot me an email at info@nateburgoyne.com or call me at (808) 753-3759 to set up a phone or in-person appointment. ~ Much Aloha.

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