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Powerful Blog Posting and Search Engine Rank

As I often do, this morning I woke to up check search engine rank for my websites and, once again, I made an exciting discovery. For those who have been following my blog, two posts prior to this one I wrote a quick blog post about Craigslist Symbols and adding those cool little pictures to the titles of your Craigslist ads.

Well, this morning when I checked my blog traffic statistics, it looks like that little post got me Top 10 search engine rank for what looks like at least 15-20 keyword search terms and phrases that have to do with Craigslist Symbols. Check it out… Go to www.google.com and type in something like “craigslist symbols” or anything else related to those search terms. As of today you’ll find my blog post in the top 10 results for most of your searches.

Blogging is a powerful thing. All those who attended my latest workshop are now getting “dangerous” online. Happy blogging!

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Spice Up Your Craigslist Ads with Symbols

Looking for a quick and easy way to get more attention to your Craigslist Ads? Symbols are an easy way to get seen. When you put a little symbol in the title of the ad such as ☺ ► ☼ → ♥ ♫, your Craigslist ad stand out from the mob of ads that flood Craigslist on a daily basis.

It’s easy as pie to do. Simply hold down the alt key and type a series of numbers and “Blam!”, you’ve got a symbol on your page.

Have fun experimenting. Here are a few:
alt 1 = ☺
alt 16 = ►
alt 15 = ☼
alt 26 = →
alt 3 = ♥
alt 14 = ♫
alt 0162 = ¢

Want the complete list of symbols you can use for Craigslist, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, and emails?
Here’s a link to the Wikipedia list of hundreds of them.

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