Starting Up an E-Business? Two Products I Recommend

I recently received a question from a new friend of mine, Tess, that I recently met through LinkedIn. She’s looking to start a new business online to earn extra income from home and is wondering where to start. There is so much information available all over the internet, it’s hard to know what is legit and what’s a scam. While I won’t venture to call out scams, I will share what sources I go to from time to time and that I recommend for direction when getting started.

First of all, I want everyone to know that the internet is a really fun place to be, and it could be as simple as starting a blog about your favorite hobbies and activities then turning it into a money making machine.

Secondly, although you can make money online overnight, it’s important to remember that your internet marketing business is a business. It’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a business that you can grow step by step and sometimes very quickly with the right tools and education.

Now, where would I recommend that you start? Like I said, here are some of the resources that I personally use and recommend.

Armand Morin is a great internet marketer with a fantastic program called Internet Marketing Explained. I’ve met Armand personally and almost always some of his audio training on my iPod. He recently udated and relaunched his course. There are tons of audio and video files that you can load on your iPod and listen to while you’re working at your computer, driving the car, or washing dishes. When I’m listening to Armand, I always make sure I have a pen and paper nearby to take notes. If Armand is selling a $2000 course, he loads it with $10,000 worth of training. Here’s a free video about it. It’s definitely worth watching:

For more FREE information about Internet Marketing Explained by Armand Morin, CLICK HERE.

Another resource for information for the more budget minded marketer is Brian Wynn’s Millionaire League. You can see the sales page HERE. I bought this product a few years ago, and it’s one of the best $27 products I’ve bought. He adds new things from time to time and it’s loaded with great information. I’ve implemented many of the strategies in his membership site myself.

One of the biggest mistakes that new internet marketers make, is paralysis of analysis. I say, just jump in and go for it. Take action and it’ll work for you. Does this stuff really work? Yes.

Here are some more places to look for information on starting your home e-business. Most programs are actually very good. Have a look at the sales page. Does the sales page have the tone or feel that sits well with you? If so, buy it and check it out! Almost every program that I’ve ever seen online comes with a no questions asked money-back guarantee, so there’s no risk when you buy the stuff. Buy it, and if you don’t like it or if it feels like a scam to you, simply ask for a refund.

Happy marketing! And by, the way, watch for my personal e-commerce home study course coming soon…

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2 Responses to Starting Up an E-Business? Two Products I Recommend

  1. Tess July 6, 2009 at 8:14 am #

    Just came to visit you! ├Łou’re something, Nate! I really appreciated your insights. I’ve been reading an enourmous amount of information, and I’m sure you will be all along with me… fail or succeed! kkkk
    Thank you, dear! Best,

  2. Nate Burgoyne July 6, 2009 at 8:36 am #

    Thanks, Tess. Stick with it sister. Starting your online business has such minimal startup costs, it’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s actually a business model that can pay the bills. Keep in touch. Aloha from Hawaii!

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