Phone, Fax, Email, Text, Facebook, or Twitter?

Times have definitely changed. It wasn’t too long ago that all communication was done by phone, mail or FedEx. Then came along the fax machine which revolutionized business making it speedy to share documents. If I rewind just a few years, the magic question to my new clients was, “Do you prefer to communicate by phone, fax, or email?” With social networking, iPhones, and Blackberries, the question is now:

“How do you prefer to communicate: phone, fax, email, text, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter?”

Everyone has their own preferred way of communicating and it’s the job of you and I find out what our clients and customers prefer to use.

Here’s a great example: As many of you know I’m an avid stand up paddler surfer and have become part of the industry by creating Stand Up Paddle Surfing Magazine There was a client of ours that we were having a heck of a time getting in contact with. Emails and phone calls went unreturned from an extended period of time. However when we found him on Facebook, we connected immediately and we were have a board meeting (surf) together in less than a week. Apparently his preferred line of communication is Facebook.

Happy tweeting, posting, texting, and status updating!

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