Don’t Miss This Thursday! 3 Hours of Live Online Training in Honolulu

SCORE Hawaii (Small Business Administration)
500 Ala Moana Blvd. Room 1-306A
(Restaurant Row in Honolulu)When?
Thursday, September 26, 2013
9am – NoonOnline Registration Only:
Click here to register online.

Do you own a small business?

Are you an entrepreneur getting ready to start a business?

Do you make  marketing decisions for your company?

If you answered, “YES,” to any of these questions, don’t miss this . . .

On this Thursday morning, SCORE Hawaii has invited me to Honolulu to teach a workshop to a small group of local business owners, future business owners and entrepreneurs on how to effectively market a business on the internet.

We are going to have a lot of fun and I’m going to share with you a ton of nuts and bolts strategies that will make a difference in your business.

This is not going to be a lecture on the importance of the internet. YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT.

This is not going to be another lame talk about why you need to use social media. YOU KNOW THAT.

This is not going to be a never-ending workshop on technical stuff nobody understands.

THIS IS GOING TO BE A RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD WORKSHOP with specific strategies that you can implement immediately to make more $$$ for your business and will likely be the most valuable workshop you attend all year.

Here’s a taste of what you will learn if you attend:

  • How to influence Google to put your website at the top of the search engine results!
  • Get hundreds of real Facebook followers in just 3 days!
  • Learn how to search engine optimize your own website.
  • Learn how to increase traffic to your website automatically.
  • Turn your website from an online brochure into a marketing machine.

Also! We will have internet in the room. This means that we can look at your website (if you’d like) and make specific recommendations LIVE ON THE SPOT that will make your website more effective.

We are going to have a lot of fun in this workshop and you are going to be so glad that you came!

Register online right away. We want to keep this workshop small and seats are limited for that reason.

This event will be at the SCORE Hawaii Small Business Administrator (SBA) training room located in Honolulu at Restaurant Row. The address is 500 Ala Moana Blvd. Room 1-306 in Honolulu, HI.

Advanced registration is required. To register online CLICK HERE.

If you have questions email me direct at


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Overwhelmed with Passwords?

Are you overwhelmed with passwords? If so, you’re not alone, especially as a small business owner or entrepreneur. I’m just skimming through my list of passwords and I’ve got them for about 40 email addresses, hosting accounts, domain name accounts, cloud services, membership sites with education, website administrator logins, toll free number account, virtual fax, online booking software, shopping carts, mobile phone, web design forums, marketing forums, software downloads, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, invoicing software, database users, autoresponder services, merchant accounts, CRM, and TONS of others.

I used to have a folder where I wrote them all down by hand. That worked for a while, until I had like 4 pages of them! It took like 5 minutes to dig out the one I needed when I needed it . . . assuming I was able to find that cursed passwords book. That took forever, especially for passwords that require one uppercase, one lowercase, one symbol and at least 12 letters with a requirement that the password be changed every 30 days. AArrgggh!!!!

Frustrated and lazy, instead of finding the book and looking up the password, I would just submit for a password reset when I wanted to log in to the site. I’d get the password without finding my book, but I’d be lost again next time I tried to log in. Or, I’d forget what email address I used to sign up for the service, then I’d have to go hunting through my email addresses to try and find which one the new password was emailed to. A nightmare!!!!

I found the ultimate solution! I’ve been using it for a long time now and I love it. Wait, you say, my browser remembers my passwords for me. That’s all fine and dandy for a little while. What happens when Internet Explorer has your password saved and you’re using Firefox or Safari? You’re lost! What happens when you go use your laptop or tablet PC instead of your desktop? That’s right, you’re lost again because the passwords are saved on your desktop only. Or, what happens when you reinstall your browser or accidentally delete all stored browser information? (Which I’ve done by accident.) You’re lost again!

So, what has saved the day for Nate? Roboform. It’s awesome. It remembers all your passwords, automatically opens up the log in page, and logs you in to a website with just one click. And, it can work from any computer, tablet and even smart phones.

There’s a free trial so you can try it out before you upgrade to a commercial edition. Are there free services of similar software? Yes. However, I wouldn’t trust them at all. Free software is usually free for a reason and you wouldn’t want someone harvesting your logins would you? Me neither. Shoot, Roboform has an offer going on right now for just $9.95 for the first year! That’s like 82 cents a month. It’s a no brainer if you asked me.

I use a lot of software like this that makes me super productive. Suppose this software saves you 30 minutes a day total of hunting through your password book, typing in passwords, retyping mistyped passwords because of those bleeding •••••• dots that don’t allow you to read what you’re typing. What’s that? 30 minutes multiplied by 30 days. That’s an additional 15 hours of additional work time per month for you! That’s two full work days of logging in usernames and passwords.Would you pay 82 cents for an additional 15 hours of work time per month? Of course you would.

People ask me, “Nate, how do you run multiple businesses, spend quality time with your family, have time to exercise regularly, and have time to play and surf?” It’s the compound effect, my friends. It’s the same reason I have the super fast internet connection and computer. If a web page takes 3 seconds to load instead of 10 seconds. Let’s do the math, I save 7 seconds every time a web page loads. Let’s say I open 100 web pages per day, with a slow internet connection, I’d be spending a total of 11.66 minutes per day waiting for web pages to load. Over 30 days, that’s almost 6 hours of time wasted waiting for web pages to load 7 seconds at a time. How many times have you reached the end of the month and thought, “Crap! I wish I had like 6 more hours of time today?”

Well, I just showed you how to get approximately 21 additional work hours per month. Stop complaining and do something about it.

1) Get a faster internet connection.
2) Get the Roboform free download.

It’s like buying time.
RoboForm: Learn more...

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I’m really gonna’ get scolded for this one!

The wild adventure of life took me into uncharted territory Monday morning starting at 3:30am when I woke up and started filling water bottles and piling them in front of my house with a few Band-Aids. I then put a little pile of stones on the ground under the mailbox.

Why? Sometime on Saturday I decided that I’d wake up early Monday morning and try to run a marathon. The water bottles and bandages would be my aid station, and the little pile of rocks would be used to keep count of each lap I did around my town. 10 laps around town would make approximately 25 miles, then after that I’d keep running until the GPS on my phone said I’d reached 26.2 miles. With each lap, I’d put a pebble on the mailbox to keep count of my rounds.

Why am I really gonna’ get scolded for this one? I’m told you’re supposed to train for things like this. Um, I sorta’ . . . skipped that part.

Running a marathon hasn’t been a long time goal of  mine or anything. I exercise three times a week and run about a mile to and from my exercise class but I hadn’t been training. The longest run I did was The Great Aloha Run about 6 years ago. It’s a little over 8 miles and I struggled through it. In fact, I was a wrestler in high school and we were always butting heads with the track team. Running always seemed so boring to me. So, what caused me to do something like wake up and run 26.2 miles? What caused my change of heart? Well, I was inspired.

I love listening to audio books on my phone. Seriously, I listens to so many books! I recently listened to the following books (all true stories):

A Life Without Limits” by Chrissie Wellington. Basically she showed up unannounced and starting winning Ironman triathalons and breaking world records. A very candid and entertaining book, and a very well read audio.

Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen” by Christopher McDougall. An amazing adventure, entertaining, educational and inspiring.

50/50: Secrets I Learned Running 50 Marathons in 50 Days — and How You Too Can Achieve Super Endurance!” by Dean Karnazes. One day, this guy decides he’s going to run 50 marathons, 50 days in a row in all 50 states. A great read.

It was primarily these three books that changed my thinking and got me out on my feet, and soon led to my decision to go for a marathon.

After 5 1/2 hours of running 26.2 miles, believe me, I’ve got tons of analogies, thoughts, lessons, and all that. But, here’s the one that I want to share in this blog post:

When you are inspired, take action.

Was I 100% sure that I was going to make it? No. Did I go ask all my friends if they thought it was a good idea? No. Actually, I didn’t even tell anyone, not even my wife (although she had a feeling I was up to something). My gut told me I could do it. So, I did.

What if I decided not to try because of fear of failure? What if I ignored my gut instinct that said I could do it?

The answer is easy. I’d be sitting here at my computer thinking to myself, “I wonder if  . . . I wonder if  . . .”

My message is definitely not intended to inspire reckless behavior. My intention in writing this post is to inspire you to take that leap of faith in life, business, entrepreneurship, sports, or whatever, and try. And if you fail, try again, and again, and again.

We all receive bursts of inspiration or motivation, or whatever you want to call it. When you feel the drive to do something that is not logical, not completely planned, and would not be considered prudent by a panel of experts, but your gut says you can, remember, Nate says,  “Go for it.” I’m cheering for you!

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PayPal or Something Else?

Here is a question I receive all the time, “Hey, Nate, should I use PayPal or something else?” Great question! And, my answer is simple. If you’re serious about your business, you’ll want to be ready to accept payments however your clients or customers want to give them to you. With a standard PayPal account, you’re going to have to send them online to click a “Pay Now” button or via an email “money request”. With a merchant account, you can take payments online, by phone, by mail, by fax and in person. Is there typically a small monthly fee for a merchant account? Yes. However, how many additional sales do you need to make to cover those costs for an entire year? Probably . . .  less than half of one sale. So, what do I personally use for my business? iPowerPay

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I Need Your Opinion About This

If you could give me your opinion about this, I’d be thrilled! I just finished a very unique website for a client of mine, Kimmy Everett. You’ll see a video of her on the homepage of a website I’m going to share with you shortly. Before I give you the website address, here’s what we want to accomplish with this website. Kimmy is one of the most sincere people you’ll ever meet. She’s a regular person like you and me who has, in a very short period of time, had huge financial success. What she’s now doing, is showing others exactly what she did so they can do it too.

Why is this website unique? Well, first of all, we’re not requiring a name and email address on the homepage to learn what she had done and she’s not selling anything. Secondly, it’s extremely interactive sort of like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books that I couldn’t get enough of as a kid.

The overriding goal is this. Kimmy typically meets with people at Starbucks or something to explain to them what she’s done. However, sometimes she connects with people like you and I that want to learn right now but it’s impossible to meet in person because of work schedules, family schedules, distance, or whatever. So, this website is meant to replicate a person-to-person meeting we best as we can.

She’s not selling anything. She’s just explaining what she did and shows how she did it.

Have a look and let me know what you think. Post a comment to this post and give me your feedback or shoot me an email.

Here’s the website:

Kimmy actually lives on Oahu but is going to be in Scottsdale, Arizona for the next week. If you’d like to meet her in Arizona or Oahu, let me know and I can introduce you to her. She’s awesome.

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