Do I Need Online Computer Backup?

Both you and I could probably give the name of one person for every finger on our right hands that we know has lost everything to a computer crash. Contact lists are lost, spreadsheets, important files, saved email. . . everything gone. In the past, the traditional way of protection your information has been to buy an external hard drive about the size of a dictionary that sits on your desktop or on top of your computer tower and to save important files on that external hard drive in case of a computer meltdown.

If your desk is like mine, real estate for sale in my work area is almost non-existent. I used to have a back up hard drive floating around on it but it has recently been ousted in my attempts eliminate clutter. One way to protect yourself and give yourself peace of mind, is to backup your important files online. There are several companiest that will store your data, photos, music, or whatever online so you can 1) access it anywhere and 2) recover all your important data in the event of a computer failure or theft. The services are definitely affordable. One of the newer companies to provide such services is

The keepit program has unlimited storage space so you don’t have to make the decision about what data you are willing to lose and what data is worthy of backing up. The service cost $4.95 per month. In my mind, it’s really a no brainer as far as peace of mind and protection goes. More at
Safe, Secure Backup

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