The Nate Update…. What am I up to now?

Most of you know I’m an avid surfer. If I’m not on the water, I’m doing what I can to create time to get out there. My wife surfs and my little girls come out with us as well. Anyway, we all went to the beach this morning but but the condidtions are junk, so I’ve got time to write another post. 

It’s always a strange question to me when people ask, “So, Nate, what do you do for work?” Most of the time I end up replying with a sort of puzzled look as I try to decide if they are asking me about my latest project or if they’re asking me what I go in general. Well, it usually comes out somethink like this, “I have help businesses and individuals start businesses online or aggressively market their existing businesses.” That usually about covers it. But I know, you want to know what projects I’m currently working on. 

Well, one of my latest projects is a site called It’ve been really excited about it and so far it’s been a rolling success. The site caters to businesses that either have overstock investory or services that they would like to unload, or would like to sell a particular product at a discount simply to boost cash flow, build a list, or make some extra sales.  Many of todays buyers are benefit driven. They want to know what’s in the deal for them when they buy something. The campaigns that we’re organizing through are totally driven by showing the customer exactly what’s in it for them when they buy. It’s exciting stuff. Like all my sites, they will be constanty evolving but you can check out today’s version at 

There was a lot or research that went into the development of the site, domain name, etc… I’ll let the cat out of the bag later about how and why I put it together how I did. Have a  great day everyone!

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