Does Nate Have Multiple Streams of Income Too?

I give credit and respect to Robert Allen who burned the phrase “Multiple Streams of Income” not only on my brain but on the minds of self-employed entrepreneurs throughout the world. And, so the question is often asked of me when I’m wearing one of the various “business hats” I have in my closet, “Hey, Nate. Is this all you do?”.

New income streams and sources of revenue to new and existing businesses are always on my mind. I am flattered when a good friend of mine, Mark Seery, franchise owner of  The Referral Institute, introduces me to others as a web designer, SEO, and online marketing specialist, then follows the introduction by saying something along the lines of, “But still waters run deep, and with Nate they run really deep.”

Do I have multiple streams of income? Yes. Am I willing to share what they are? Yes, for those who are interested.


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