How to Manage Your Multiple Email Accounts

You’ve got your business email accounts, your personal email accounts, your special email accounts for private clients, your junk email account, your online business account, your work email account, and others. If you’re desperate for a way to manage multiple email accounts, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem, especially when you’re running your own business. I personally have about 30 email accounts. Do I check them every day? Yes. I have to. In fact I check them all about every 5 minutes. 

How? With some great software you probably already have on your computer or that you can get for free. Most computers have Microsoft Outlook pre-installed so all you have to do is plug in your information and use it. One of the features of Outlook is email management. If you don’t have Outlook or prefer to use something else, a free piece of software called Thunderbird 2 is a popular solution. Both are great solutions to email organization. 

What does this software do exactly? It check and downloads emails from all of your email accounts to your computer either automatically every “x” minutes or at the click of one button. With the click of a button you’ll know if you’ve received emails to any of those accounts in about 20 seconds or less. And, what’s even greater about the software is that you can reply to all the emails using the same piece of software!

No more opening browser window after browser window to check all of your email accounts and reply to them. 

You can also set up the software to run while you do your work, and when an email comes in from any of your accounts, the software will notify you either with a little pop-up window or an audible alert. It’s incredibly efficient.  

So, stop wasting your valuable time logging in and logging out managing multiple email accounts and get your computer to do it for you. Here’s where you can download Thunderbird 2

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