Local Businesses Get The Edge With Online Marketing

Most of you know I live on the North Shore of Oahu where local businesses is the lifeblood of the town. The historic town of Haleiwa is lined with surf shops, clothing stores, jewelry shops, and restaurants. Even though the economy and tourism is down, there are several businesses that are taking their marketing online for additional exposure and are experiencing great success. In my personal opinion, it’s those businesses that are able to effectively use the power of online marketing that will be able to best weather any economic storms that may come our way.

Effectively opening up your business to the world wide web, opens the doors of your business to the world and make every person with a computer and an internet connection, a potential customer. How wide is that door? Well, over 74% of all Americans have bought something online. The potential is huge for those who do it right.

So, what does it mean to “do it right”? First, you’ve got to have a website. Second, that website needs to be built or optimized from the inside out to get high search engine rank on Google and Yahoo search engines. Thirdly, the website needs to be organized in such a way that it converts visitors into customers.

I was working with a local Haleiwa business, Quiksilver North Shore Boardriders Club a few weeks ago to help them market their business online and here are the results:

In just a few weeks, they went from no website and no search engine rank to….

#1 in Yahoo for “north shore board riders”
#2 in Yahoo for “north shore surf shop”
#2 in Yahoo for “surfshop Haleiwa”
#3 in Yahoo for “north shore surf gear”
#3 in Yahoo for “north shore oahu surf shop”
#3 in Yahoo for “boardriders north shore”
#5 in Yahoo for “oahu north shore surf shops”
#3 in Google for “northshore boardriders club”
Top Ten in Google for “hawaii quiksilver t-shirts”

And web traffic from 40 Google and Yahoo search terms and 13 countries around the world.

The greatest thing is, this is just the beginning for Boardriders Club. The site has been live for only about a month now and every time I check the statistics, they’re moving up in search engine ranking for several search terms.

Hurray for local businesses! If you want to visit the site you can go to www.northshoreboardridersclub.com

If you have questions or would like to brainstorm ideas about how to promote your business online feel free to contact me any time. Have a great day everyone! Aloha.

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