What Is Internet Marketing and Can Anyone Do It?

If you ask me, internet marketing is simply using the internet to influence the visitor to take an action. The most common action that internet marketers try and get vistors to do is buy something. A candle maker has a website that sells candles and with their website they either want the visitor to call, go to the physical location, buy online, or join the mailing list. The call to action of a search engine like Google is to get you to click on the ads on the top and right hand colums of the page. The call to action on my blog is to download my audio book for free. If you are attracting visitors and encouraging your visitors to take an action, you are an internet marketer.

Can anyone do it? Yes!

Can you make money with the help of the internet? Yes!

Do you have to know how to make websites? No.

Do you have to understand how search engines work? No.

All you need to do is follow proven systems for generating income. It’s like baking a cake. Just follow the recipe. 

What’s the secret? Taking the time to learn the things that you don’t even know you don’t know. Are they complicated? No Way. Take me for example. I’m a surfer who studied Art History in school. I don’t have a technical background, yet, I have a thriving internet business. Anyone can do it, and truth be told, you don’t even need a website to start making money on the internet.


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