I Check My Credit Report Monthly, Do You? A Look at Equifax.

Credit is a scarcity these days. There’s a lot of financial trouble and credit scores are down. Boy, isn’t it great that we can market our businesses online without getting our credit checked by the newspapers just to open an account with them? The internet is the best. You just sit down and go to it.

A few months ago, I checked my credit with Equifax and boy was I surprised to see some things on my credit report. I was gong to check my score just once but now I check my credit report a few times every month. What will you find on there? Every credit line you’ve ever opened or that someone else has opened for you. All your credit lines and approximate balances, which accounts are open or closed, your credit score, and explanations of why things are scored as they are and who has reported to the credit bureau about you. It’s great and Equifax made their interface easy to navigate.

When I was looking for the right company to check my credit with, I went website to website looking for the one that I felt I could trust with my personal information. I ended up with Equifax. Their website is clean and professional. They have interactive elements with a virtual assistant and when you look at the homepage, the big red “Get Started” button tells you what to do.

I’m definitely impressed that they have a link to their Facebook page. Sometimes it takes big companies like this years and years to start something like a Facebook page.

What would I change about this website? Well, in my opinion, they’re killing themselves by not collecting names and email addresses. There’s no credit help newsletter to subscribe to. People are coming to their website and leaving without leaving any contact information. If they get a name and email collecting optin box on that homepage, I don’t doubt for a second that their sales will quickly multiply.

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