Event Thursday: High Impact Online Marketing Strategies for 2014

Have you ever wished someone would just sit down with you and tell you exactly what works to make your business grow with the internet? Have you ever thought, “I’d know I need to do all this online stuff but I’m just too busy?” If you answered, “Yes,” to either of these questions, then clear your calendar for this Thursday morning!

Yes, myself, Nate Burgoyne and Daniel Hildebrandt (The German Google Guy) are teaming up for the first time to deliver a rock’em sock’em workshop that you’ll be thanking your lucky stars you attended.

Daniel is going to teach you the essential basics of how to drive traffic to your website with Google advertising. He’ll show you how to save money and get your website in front of your prospective clients and customers. Daniel know his stuff. I regularly refer my clients to Daniel because he knows what it takes to make things happen. If you want more people calling you about your business attending this event just to hear Daniel will be worth your time.

I will be teaching how to make a maximum impact with your online marketing efforts. You will learn how to draw people to your website, build a relationship with those people, then motivate them to call you and pay you for the products or services they need and you have to offer. And, you’ll learn how to streamline and automate your marketing efforts so that you can do social media marketing, email marketing and search engine marketing with minimal effort. If you want to turn your website, social media and email marketing efforts into an automated marketing machine, attend this workshop.

For details and registration, contact SCORE Hawaii at http://hawaii.score.org/localworkshops.

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