Getting hammered with SEO solicitations too?

Are you getting hammered with SEO solicitations too? You’re not alone. Business owners are contacting me in a panic, “Nate, Nate . . . I got this email saying that I’m not on page 1 of Google and that I should be. What should I do?” Relax, you’re not alone. They’re even soliciting my SEO company, which is somewhat humorous to me. What does that tell me? There’s a software that’s spam emailing companies around the world. However, they’ve got a pretty good sales email and there are some cool things we can learn from their efforts. Here are three of them:

  1. You can create your market.
  2. Email is a powerful marketing tool.
  3. Your competition can create business for you.
Would I trust my personal SEO to a stranger? No way. But c’mon Nate, you try everything to see if it works. Well, not this time.  And, why not? A huge percentage of my business is picking up the pieces after SEO has been done wrong. One prospective client came to me and said, “We got SEO done and we’re nowhere to be found online. Can you help?” After having a closer look at the attempt to search engine optimize the site, I found the problem. What was it? Whoever optimized the site thought it would be “tricky” to put keywords with black text on a black background to hide the words and boost seo with hidden text. While that may have worked in 1985, it got this particular company severely penalized by Google. I went though page after page trying to find them in the search engines and could not find them anywhere. What can be done to fix the problem? The SEO needs to be fixed, then the website needs to be altered, and then the endless process of resubmitting the site to Google for reconsideration, which may or may not prove successful. Rarely would I ever recommend starting over, but for this particular case, that was the recommendation.
Want a huge SEO tip? Add fresh content to your website weekly or daily if possible.
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