Have You Tried Google Chrome? If Not, You’re Missing Out on a Lightning Fast Web Browser

After about a month of browser testing, I just recently switched the default browser on my computer to Google Chrome. Google released the browser a few months ago but I hesitated to promote it until I had tested it out myself. Although there are a few websites that aren’t totally compatible with Chrome, the speed and ease of use far outweighs the alternative. 

Here’s a link to the speed test conducted by cnet.com. 

It’s fast and simple. When you need the browser open, it fires right up and is ready to go. You can easily rearrange the browser tabs. It also allows to you to drag and drop web pages from the browser tabs to your desktop and to other browser windows. All this in a speedy package.  That said, it’s not going to speed up your internet connection, of course, but what does come through your connection will show up on your screen pretty darn fast. 

For CSS and web editing, I still go back to Firefox. The CSS editor plugins for Firefox are still top notch in my book and I have yet to find one for Google Chrome. What I’ll usually do if I’m editing a website is open the site once in Firefox to edit/test the changes, then apply the changes and refresh the page in Google Chrome since it’s so fast. 

You can download Google Chrome here.

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