An Easy Way to Get a Virtual Phone Number for Your Business

Do you fear surprise business calls to your personal phone number? Could you use an extra phone number? An  easy way to get a virtual phone number is with an eVoice® eVoice Free Trial. I personally use the service and now they are giving away 6 month free trials. Why might you want to get a virtual phone number?

Have you  ever found yourself in this situation?

You are driving the car, your kids are being loud, or you’re in a noisy environment and your phone rings with an strange phone number. . . and you instantly freeze staring at your phone debating whether you should answer it and run the risk of a potential client or customer being turned off by the noise in the background, or let it go your your personal unprofessional voicemail and risk losing the sale. You don’t know.

If you have a virtual phone number, either a toll free number or a local number, that forwards to your cell phone or home phone, with caller ID you’ll know that it’s a business call coming through so you can get to a quiet place and take the call. Or, you can let the caller go to a professional voicemail recording for your business.

How helpful is a virtual phone number?

I have like 5 of them. That said, eVoice is now giving away 6 month free trials. I have honestly never seen an opportunity like this. I’ve seen free 14 day trials, and free 30 day trials, but free 6 month trials? Never.

If you think this might be a good tool for your business, give it a try.

eVoice 30-Day Free Trial


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