Free Internet from Google! While Bing and Yahoo! Answer Back.

I love National Public Radio. This morning they mentioned the free internet war between Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and it’s definitely worth a mention. Google has slowly taken over the internet world by providing stellar services at minimal or no direct cost. This time it’s internet service.

As a gift through the holidays this year, Google has subsidized WiFi internet access at various airports across the country to help promote the new Google Chrome browser of which I, personally, am a fan. How much are they subsidizing the internet access? Well, it’s Free. I’m telling you, Google it taking over the internet world.

Well, Bing and Yahoo! have answered back. Bing has been keeping up with the Joneses by offer the same free internet service at other airports across the country, while Yahoo! has decided to wire up New York’s Times Square with free WiFi through the holidays. Boy, the search engine and browser battle is getting pretty heated, and it looks like Google is still the Jones to keep up with.

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