Foreclosures Business – Website Analysis

With foreclosures on the climb, the foreclosures business has quick become a source of revenue for many entrepreneurs. I have personally bought from the foreclosure auction and ended up making a nice profit. I came across a site that teaches you how to buy foreclosed homes. I noticed that you can check out the program for just $1, which caught my eye. Several things about the homepage caught my eye so I thought I’d share my thoughts about the website. Here’s a link to the site. Open it up and follow along.

First of all, the web design itself is clean an professional. There’s a clean logo at the top with a tag line easy to read, “Make money from foreclosed homes.” Perfect. When you look at the site, you know exactly what it’s about and what they are going to teach you.

The box of information also has the title. “Make Money Purchasing Foreclosed Homes!” Although there is an exclamation point, the calm colors don’t give the impression that the site is yelling at you. Then, in the subtitle in yellow letters it says, “Learn to buy, sell and profit from millions of foreclosures..” Clear an concise. Now, I didn’t design this website but I really like the colors….notice I used the same on my own personal website.

On the right side it clearly tells us how much it costs to check out the program. Just $1, and below that it says they donate that to charity. Brilliant! Everyone has a dollar to give.

Video is great. They have a video on the page about the housing crisis to keep you captivated. Then, they have the call to action…enter your zip code.

After you enter your zip code, if the program is available in your area, it sends you to the congratulations page. Man, you feel like you won or something. Then you enter your contact info to access to the program.

It’s clean, professional, looks like a great program, and you get access to all the info for a buck.

What would I change about it? While the YouTube videos are great, if you click on them like I did, it takes you away from the sales page to YouTube’s website, and we all know that YouTube can be a major distraction. It could cause the visitor to get lost. Now, if the embedded video was branded with Foreclosure Coin links and images on the video, it wouldn’t be so bad because they’d be seeing your web address all along. However, in this case, the videos are not branded.

All in all, I think it’s a great site. I hope this gave you some ideas for your online marketing. I know what you’re wondering…did the foreclosures business work for me? Yes. I still have a lead generating website for it and if you’re in the real estate business, you should have one too.

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