Facebook and Twitter: Basics for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Date: Passed

Location: Honolulu, HI

Social Media can be a powerful tool in your marketing bag of tricks, and it’s FREE! What is social media? Think of yourself sitting at a little table in a café sipping a hot chocolate with . . . hundreds of millions of people! What would you say? How would you say it? How would you get people to listen to you?
In this workshop you will learn the basics of how to use Facebook and Twitter and how to use them to promote your business. This is not an advanced social media workshop.

Nate Burgoyne, President of Integrity Online Marketing, will start at ground zero with the basics of using Facebook and Twitter, and then demonstrate how to use it to grow your business. You will learn the essential fundamentals of social media for your business.

Here are some of the questions you will get answered:
What is social media, Twitter, and Facebook? *How much time does it take to use social media?
Can I automate my social media marketing? *What privacy issues are there with social networking?
How can I brand my Twitter background for my business? *Can I advertise on Facebook and Twitter?
How can I find customers using Twitter and Facebook? *How do you share photos on Twitter?
What are the demographics of most social media users?
What’s the difference between a Facebook Group and Fan Page?
How do I create a Facebook page for my business?

Nate is going to pack in as much as possible in two hours! Come learn the lingo and the how-to of promoting your business through social media.

This workshop has been on our most wanted list for months, so please register early. Nate has offered to receive other questions you want answered at the workshop; email Nate.
We invite you to come early to network with other business owners and entrepreneurs, and to get your website and online marketing questions answered by Nate.

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