Why Are Companies Big and Small Now Turning To Online Marketing?

There’s been an interesting trend recently in that companies of all sizes are taking a serious look at what online marketing can do for business. I was talking with a Realtor the other day who was telling me about how his broker, Prudential Realty,  had hired the services of an internet marketer I’m familiar with and, since then, their conversion has increase hundreds of times over.  Why? Is it the real estate market finally changing? Not yet.  The power of the internet is what made the change, and in my opinion, those who correctly make use of the world wide web are the ones who are going to swim while others sink. 

Consumers are traveling less and surfing the web more. If they can do their research at home on the internet, which is part of their cable bill anyway, why drive all over town wasting gas looking for the best deal? Time and energy are too valuable. Personally, I buy and sell real estate as a side business, and in fact, the last property that I bought and sold was done all from the comfort of my home computer. I never saw the property in person. I don’t even know what my Realtor looks like. The purchase and the sale were all done online.  Okay, I did drive to the title company to sign the deed in person but that was it.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, harness the power of the internet and you’re light years ahead of the competition. And the truth is, the field is wide open… it doesn’t matter how big or small your company is or how many years you’ve been in business; if you aggressively market online, you can rise to the top.

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