Don’t be fooled, “SEO comes with it.”

Have you been fooled by SEO marketing? I am going to spill the beans on deceptive advertising by some web designers and do-it-yourself website companies. What beans am I spilling? Search engine optimization beans.

I was meeting with a prospective marketing client a few weeks ago who wanted to discuss search engine optimizing their existing website to work their way up to the top of Google.

We met for an hour or so to discuss strategy for achieving a higher placement in Google. Well, to make a long story short, I received an email about a week later thanking me for my time and telling me that they are going to rebuild their site with a do-it-yourself service and that “SEO comes with it.” SCREEEEECH….CRASH!

SEO comes with it? What does that mean?

Out of curiosity, I checked it out. “SEO comes with it,” in this case meant that you can edit the title of the website, the text of the website, and the tags and description for the website if you want.

The illusion is that if you build a website that comes with SEO, that the website will be optimized for you. Wrong! That’s like selling someone a car with no oil, no gas, no brake fluid, no transmission fluid, no coolant, and no battery, then advertising that it “comes with an engine.” There are some mechanical parts under the hood, but that car is going nowhere.

So, the new car owner spends the next 6-12 months beating their head against the steering wheel trying to figure out why this car that “comes with an engine” isn’t going anywhere.

Search engine optimization is a series of strategies used to help boost a website’s placement in the search engines, and it’s only as good as the marketer implementing those strategies. All search engine optimization is definitely not created equal. In fact, if done wrong, Google will penalize your website and kick you down even further.

To my prospective client’s credit, they did say that their SEO “will need a tune up after we are done.” So, they’re on the right track. However, I went ahead and looked at the code of several websites built using the do-it-yourself system. What did I find? About 9 out of ten had ZERO search engine optimization done and 1 had a weak attempt at search engine optimizing the site.

So when you read something like this on a DIY website builder sales page, “Optimized for the best SEO and results ranking,” which I just quoted from the Features section of a popular website builder, don’t believe the hype.

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