I Just Saved $107.04 Ordering Business Cards Online! Cheap!

Well, it was time to order more business cards and I went to my favorite place to order cheap business cards online, Vistaprint. They make it so easy to upload your own design or create a design with the endless templates they have. Anyway, I had my coupon code for 25%.

I had a feeling I could do better than a mere 25% off!

So, I decided to check out what kind of discount my Vistaprint affiliate banner would get me on my order. I clicked the banner on my blog homepage here at www.nateburgoyne.com and here’s what happened to my order: Huge Vistaprint Order Discount My order that was supposed to total $175.45 was cut to just $68.44 including FREE Shipping!

Unreal! Anyway, if you’re looking to order business cards, magnetic signs, or other promotional items for your business, and want to get them cheap, be sure to use the Vistaprint affiliate banner on my homepage or at the end of this blog post.

You won’t get these steep discounts by going straight to the site. To get them, you have to click on the banner on my homepage or at the end of this blog post. On a side note, these offers are continually changing so if you’ll be due for new cards in the future, now is a great time to stock up. I am.


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