Cashback Bonus Discover Card Clear 0% APR – Website Analysis

I came across this sales page Discover Card and though it was worth a mention. I’m not sure how Discover is able to keep their interest rates so low, even at 0% with a 5% cashback bonus. It’s been great for my personal business over the years. Here’s the sales page. Let’s analyze it…

The first thing most people look for in a financial site is security. You can see at the top of the page where the web address is, that it begins with https:// instead of http://. This means that the server where the website is hosted is secure so that when you enter your personal information, it won’t be intercepted nor stolen by any other third party. If you have a website where people are entering confidential information, you’ll want to get what’s called an SSL certificate to make your page secure as well.

This particular page is very benefits driven. It’s simple and explains the offer quickly and concisely. Quickly scanning the offer, you can quickly see the benefits 0% APR (Annual Purchase Rate) for 6 months, 5% cash back, $0 Fraud Liability, and a number of other things. The benefits are easy to scan.

The “Start Application” button is easy to find, so you know exactly what to do to apply. You don’t have to search for where to get started. Perfect.

Places for improvement that I see are that the page does not appeal to emotion at first glance. It’s not a very moving site. Maybe some images of money or happy people or a custom graphic highlighting the 0% interest would be a good addition.

What’s my favorite part? The headline, “Clearly the Best Choice – 0% Into APR*”. It’s easy to ready and makes me want to apply.

Summary, the site is benefits based, and easy to read. The offer is the best you can get with no interest for 6 months and cashback bonus. Some visual elements to make the site a little more emotional would probably increase conversion. On a business level, would I recommend this offer for a business, Yes. I’ve personally used Discover for a long time and the monthly payments are always far below any other credit lines with similar balances. Can’t go wrong with 0% interest. That’s my take on the Discover Card Clear sales page.

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