Can’t Decide on a Domain Name? Buy One Get One Free!

We all have great business ideas! I’m serious, I have this list of businesses that I can’t wait to get off the ground. Of course I’m not sitting on my hands about it. In fact, I just registered one more business before the close of this year!

For me, one of the most difficult decisions of all is deciding on a domain name for a new business of mine. Man, it seriously stresses me out sometimes. This is the domain name that you will be telling all of your friends, family, and business associates about. This little domain name will often be the first impression your customers will get about you before they even see your website. This is the domain name that you will be launching a serious marketing campaign around. And once a viral marketing campaign is underway, there’s no turning back.

I was thrilled when I got an email this morning from Network Solutions letting me know that they’re running buy one get one free sale on domain names! Now, instead of having to decide between the two finalists for a company web address, you can just register both and sleep on it without worrying that someone else might register the other one overnight.

Yep. Buy one domain and get one free. Pretty awesome. Anyway, here’s a banner that you can click on to get your free domain name. . .

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