I Broke My Vow When They Brought Ice Cream!

You’re never going to believe this. So, my wife and I had some good friends over to our house last night for a game of Scrabble and we got talking about working at home, running a business, etc. They are preparing to retire from the military and are a little nervous about getting into “real life” and holding a job, etc. And, they are hoping to work from home.

Over and over again, I vow not to give away free information or advice about making money online. However, I broke my vow when they brought ice cream. About half way through they game, my buddy went to his house, just through the yard, and came back with this big box of Drumstick ice cream cones! Why did this cause me to spill the beans about generating revenue with the internet?

This month, in Hawaii Marketing Letter there is an article entitled, “The Chocolate at the Bottom of the Cone: An Easy Source of Income for ANY Business.” This section of the letter relates a certain online money-making strategy to striking chocolate gold at the bottom of a Drumstick ice cream cone.

Seriously, just when you think your dessert is over and you’ve got a little triangle of cone left in your hand, lo and behold, it’s filled with chocolate! There are a lot of business owners out there throwing away the last bit of cone, not knowing it’s filled with chocolate gold for their business.

Want to learn what that chocolate gold is? It’s on page 6 of Hawaii Marketing Letter. How can you get  your copy FREE for a month? Go to http://www.nateburgoyne.com/hawaii-marketing-letter/ and get yours.

I can hear your mind right now, “Nate, this blog post is a shameless sales page. How dare you try and sell me something that is going to help me make more money and grow my business.” My reply: If you don’t ask for the sale, you’ll never get it. (Crap! There I go doing it again; and you didn’t even bring me ice cream.)


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