Blog Heat Map Made Quick and Easy! What I Personally Use

If you don’t have a blog heat map, you are missing out big time! Imagine if you knew EXACTLY where every visitor to your blog or website clicked on your page? Not just what links they clicked but exactly where their cursor was when they pushed the button? Wouldn’t it be useful for you to know if people are clicking on part of your website that isn’t even a link? What if you turned that part of your website into a link so you could send your visitors to additional information? It’s super powerful!

Here’s an example. This is a screen shot of a blog heat map for my company website All the little blue dots are where people have clicked recently. You’ll see that nobody is clicking the “Request Quote” button but they are definitely clicking the “See Packages” one. They are looking at the “Our Picks” menu item but not “The Blog”. With this awesome information I can make critical revisions to my website to encourage visitors to click where I want them to click and increase sales.

Blog Heat Map

Normally, for a service like this, you have to pay big bucks on a monthly basis and the data is limited to a certain number of pages. However, I stumbled across a diamond in the rough when I found this WordPress plugin, Click Heat Dynamo, that works indefinitely for as many sites as you’d like. In fact, I actually bought this plugin while they were still testing it. I saw the power of it and didn’t even think twice about putting my credit card on my desk and typing the numbers into the order form to get it.

I personally use this plugin and it’s definitely worth you checking out. To completely understand what this is all about, check out the videos on the website here.

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