Who Has the Advantage The Little Guy or the Big Guy?

If you ask me, it’s the little guy that has the upper hand when it comes to competing online. Although, some bigger companies are actually quick to make decisions, most are slow and to start competing online. With the internet in constant evolution, the smaller companies are quick to adapt to change and market online.

For example: A small cake decorator launches an online marketing campaign to get business. Two days after launching the campaign, the cake decorator learns that Google looks favorably on blogs. So, the cake decorator quickly makes a blog and in about 30 minutes the small guy is still ahead of the game.  Now, contrast that with the big cake decorating company that launches a campaign and gets the same news. Well, they have to bring it to the boss in a special meeting, then talk it over, take a vote, decide who’s going to hire the blog designer, and what should be posted there, and on and on and on. Meanwhile the little guy swept in a stole the online market. 

Does this mean the big guys are automatic losers at the online game? No way. If they can act quick and be proactive about their online marketing, they’ve got it made. Like I’ve said before, the playing field is wide open, it’s just a matter of who’s willing to step up and accept the business.

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