2000% Increase in Sales: 2 Emails, 1 Weekend

Boy, we just had a huge success for working with DIY Surf Gear! DIY Surf Gear is a company that sells plans teaching surfers how to make their own equipment for surfing. They are a relatively new company with no email list and very little traffic. Their website was receiving about 15 visits a day and they didn’t have an email list (they do now, thank goodness).

Anyway, they wanted to make a push over the weeked to move product fast. A 2000% increase in sales for a normal weekend and all they had to do was write 2 emails.

No, it wasn’t a million dollar deal or anything, however, it was a 2000% increase in sales. What could that do for your business in a weekend? 

And the magic is, the system can be repeated over and over and over again. It was all done legally, ethically, without spamming, and all the customers were super excited to hand over their money to buy the product.  It was a win, win, win for everyone involved and it can be implemented by any business large or small. We just barely did this over the weekend, so this is breaking stuff! More to come. 

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