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Are you sure you’re ready for page 1 of Google?

If you’re a normal entrepreneurial minded business owner, you occasionally lie awake at night staring up at the ceiling fantasizing about what it would be like for your business to show up on the first page of Google. “Ahh…,” you think,  “All my problems will be solved,” you think to yourself.

The truth is, a first page listing on Google might not change your business one bit. “Woah! Nate! What are you talking about? Getting people on page one is part of your business, right?”

Yes, it is. However, many businesses aren’t ready to be on page one of Google for a number of reasons. Why? First of all, how many websites show up on the first page of Google or any other search engine? About 10. What makes you think that just because you’re on the first page, they are going to click on your company? When you search for something on the internet do you open every single one of the of the top 10 results for what you were searching for? No, of course not. You scan the results for the one that looks most relevant to you.

If you are in the top 10 results did you know you can control what text shows up in the search results to represent your business? You can, by editing the “Title” and “Description” meta tags of your website. What if you put a call to action in your title or description? Would that increase the number of people that click through to YOUR website? You bet your biffy it would.

For more great tips and discussion about “Are you ready for page 1 of Google?”, listen to tomorrow, Friday, at 10am Hawaii, 1 pm Pacific. You can listen to the show streaming online or by calling in on your phone. See you then.

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Are you wasting your online marketing money?

I just finished up another Internet Power Radio show about “keywords’? What does that have to do with wasting online marketing money? What if you had a candle making business  and just pumped thousands of dollars into an online marketing campaign around the phrase “homemade candles” only to find out later that nobody is searching for that phrase, and that actually everyone is searching for “home made candles”? That’d be a major bummer. Learn how you can permanently avoid that mistake by listening to the reply of today’s Internet Power Radio at Who do you know that’s planning on marketing their business online? Do them a favor and send them to the replay. It’s up for today only, then it’s gone from the public forever!

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Internet Power Radio: Grow a list of 1,000+ people wanting your product or service!

Hey gang! You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s episode of Internet Power Radio! I’ll be sharing internet marketing strategies that you can use to grow a list of over 1,000 people asking for your product or service. The show will go 45-60 minutes. Seats are limited so call in on-time!

Tomorrow’s show begins sharp at 10:00am Hawaii Time. You can listen in by phone or on the internet at Also, be sure to join the VIP list to get in on impromptu radio shows with content too good to wait for the next scheduled show.

For more information and call-in number, go to  And remember, it’s totally free. See you on the call!

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