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Why is a Non-Gambler Like Me Going to Las Vegas? Check this out. . .

Are you as serious about online marketing as I am? Check this out. . .

Where will you be November 5th, 6th, and 7th? I’m not a gambler but I’m going to be in Las Vegas!

Many of my personal coaching clients know that Armand Morin was the first internet marketer that got me hooked into the business. The man is brilliant and he’s putting on the very last “Big Seminar” internet marketing event ever! This is Big Seminar 14 and it’s the last one ever again!

It’s happening November 5th – 7th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It’s three FULL days of online marketing training that you simply cannot miss; and it’s in Las Vegas! I got my ticket. Yes, I’m flying from Hawaii to Vegas to attend this awesome event.

Now get this. Armand just cut the price of registration in half!!! Yep, since this is going to be the biggest and last Big Seminar ever, he wanted to make sure you could be there. What about all those who paid full price already? Armand already refunded half of their payment. This seminar is about you and growing your business. Period.

Tickets were originally $1997 and have been slashed to just $997!!! And you can bring a guest for an additional 50% off of that.

Hey, would I go if I personally didn’t know this was going to drastically grow my business? No way. I’d be enjoying the surf back home. But, on Nov. 5-7th, you know where I’ll be. . .Vegas.

After you get your tickets, let me know and we can be sure to meet up at the event.

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Free Internet Marketing Training Calls Tonight!!!

Are you looking for some free internet marketing training?

One of the greatest internet marketers is the world, Armand Morin, is letting everyone listen in on a series of online marketing training calls leading up to Big Seminar 14. In fact, it was Armand Morin that first sparked my interest in internet marketing years ago.

I’ve got my ticket to Big Seminar and I’m definitely listening in on the free training calls.

How can you listen in? You can register at

It’s definitely worth checking out.

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