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You Don’t Have a Privacy Policy or Terms of Use? Danger!

I’ll make this quick. If you don’t have a privacy policy and terms of use page for your website, you are in danger! The FTC is really ramping up to crack down on all those that don’t adhere to all their rules about disclosure and documentation. Government intervention can shut you down in a heartbeat, and freeze all your assets. What are the fines?

Violations are not determined by the size of your company. And, when they contact you it’s not for a citation or for negotiations, it’s because you’ve already been tagged for the violation.

What’s the fine? I know of 3 businesses that were fined one for $25,000, another for $85,000, and a third for $100,000. And the last one was simply for not obtaining verifiable parental consent prior to collecting personal information from children.

What’s the solution? I personally use and recommend Len Thurmond’s Auto Web Law.

It’s a simple piece of software that you download and use right away. You simply choose the form you want, fill in the blanks and click “Get Document”.  Instantly, you have document you need for your website. Then you just cut and paste the text when you need it.

Here’s a screen shot of how it works:

For a closer look at Auto Web Law, click here.  They have 2 options:

1) Auto Web Law Pro – Has almost 70 documents. This is not a blanket legal forms software. This is for website owners and is being constantly updated as new laws regarding the internet come into effect.  (THIS IS THE ESSENTIAL PACKAGE)

2) Auto Web Law Pro + IPPP Intellectual Property Protection Plan – Includes legal forms to notify those who are stealing content from your website or digital books.  (THIS IS FOR ULTIMATE PROTECTION)

Both include Privacy Policies and Terms of Use forms.
Again this is exactly what I personally use to legally protect my websites.
If you don’t have it, get it.
Visit the Auto Web Law website HERE.

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Business Cards at No Cost? Must Be a Scam Right? Wrong!

I just got an email today from Linda Robb at Aloha Kine Gifts ( who saved 75% of what she has been paying to get her business cards done. Well, I decided to do some research and see if I could hook up all my readers with an unreal discount from the company I referred her to, Vistaprint. And I found one, a FREE one!

Here’s what Linda emailed me today, “Hi Nate: Thanks so much for the referral to Vistaprint. We just received our first order and they’re exactly the same as we’ve been ordering from our prior supplier – but at almost 25% of the price. Wow, that’s 75% off!!! We do a full bleed, glossy business card and are so sold on Vista Print that we’re now excited about having them print other marketing materials. – Linda”

We’ll here’s the unreal deal like I said, a FREE one!

Why would Vistaprint give away free customized business cards? It must be a trick right?

Nope. There’s no trick. You don’t have to order anything else. Just get your free cards. Vistaprint knows their cards are so good that, when the give away a free stack of them to business owners like Linda at Aloha Kine, they are confident that the business owner is going to be a new client for life. Was it worth giving away a free stack of cards? Absolutely.

I found the banner below and put it in this blog post so you can get your free cards.

Give ‘em a shot, it’s free.
On a side note, I honestly don’t know how long this offer is going to last but if the banner is still down there, click it and jump on the offer before Vistaprint takes it down. . . here it is ↓↓↓↓

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I Get Paid to Give Away Things for Free! So Can You!

There are very few people that I have ever share this with. In fact, I can probably count them on one hand. I get paid to give away things for free. Seriously! Today I got paid again from it, and I thought you’d be interested in knowing how you can do it too.

Getting paid for giving away things for free? Sounds fishy right? It’s not.

It’s called CPA marketing. No, not Certified Public Accountant, it stands for Cost Per Action.

Let me make an example to show you how it works.  Company ABC knows that if they give away 5 samples of their product or service that, statistically, one of them will turn into a long term customer and make the company $200 per year.  So, Company ABC is willing to pay people like you and me $10 every time we send someone to their website and they order a free sample.

The math is easy.  Company ABC gives $10 to each its 5 affiliates who each sent one person to the website to sign up for a free sample. One of the free samplees becomes a customer bringing the company $200. And in the end, the company nets $150.  So, the more free samples the company gives away, the more money they make, and the more money the CPA affiliates make.

It’s not tricky or fishy, it’s just affiliate marketing on steriods! And, you get paid whether or not your referral every buys anything. All they have to do is take a free sample and you get paid. Traditional affiliate marketing pays you when a sale is made. CPA marketing pays you when your lead takes an action as simple as entering their name and email on a form.

In the past, “just anybody” couldn’t become part of these CPA networks. You had to “be somebody” in the marketing world to join them…until now. Now, you can join just like I did.

CPAway is a CPA affiliate network that is open to the public. Yes! I am a member of CPAway.

Interested? Give it a try, registration is free.

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Will Your Website Get The Luck of the Draw?

Wondering if you’re website will win the luck of the draw? Well,  it’s inevitable that when a website becomes popular and successful, that someone is going to say, “They’re so lucky,” as if to imply that thousands of visitors all gathered together in a big room, pulled a website address out of a hat, and decided to visit that site every day for the rest of their lives and buy things from it.

Most website owners would like to think that’s the way it works. They play their website like the lottery. . . throw some money in, get a site, and hope the world falls in love with it making the owner insanely rich.

If that’s how you’re going to play the game, save your money for Las Vegas. You probably have a better chance of winning there than online.

Successful websites that generate leads and make money for the owner are planned out meticulously and strategically positioned for success. I know what you’re thinking. . . how?

Well, I used to buy run down houses, renovate, them and resell them. My mentor taught me the secret trick to fix anything. He would say, “How you do you fix a leaking roof? It’s easy! Write a check.”  “How do you fix a broken foundation? It’s easy. Write a check!”  “How you to get rid of scary mold? It’s easy! Write a check.”

When he used to say things like that, I would think to myself, “Oh man, I can’t keep writing checks for stuff like that.” But the truth was I had to, and it was was well worth it. I was running a business, and my job was to run the business, not to try and fix the leaking toilets. And the truth is, paying to get things done was always a fraction of what I though it would actually cost.

What’s my point you ask? We’re not fixing houses.

The point is, when you take your business online, treat it like a business and get the right people working on your team. If not, while you’re trying to figure out how to get a video to show up on your website, your wise competitor has already hired the right guy to do it for him, and he can now spend his time where  it matters most, helping his customers and filling orders.

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Your Website Shouldn’t Cost You Anything!

“How much does a website cost?” This is an interesting question that always leaves me puzzled. In my opinion, your website shouldn’t cost you anything; it should be a money making-asset. The problem is, most small businesses hire “some web guy” in Wheatfield, Indiana that knows nothing about online marketing.  And then, not surprisingly, the website doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do: #1 Be Seen and #2 Make Money.

So, the thought quickly permeates the entrepreneur and small business world that websites cost SO much money. Well, if your website isn’t making you sales, it could actually be costing you much more than you even paid to get it built in the first place. The real question is, “How much money is your website costing you?”

Let’s look at  a fictitious scenario that may be all too real for some of you. You may never look at your own website the same way again. Read at your own risk.

Kip the Carpet Cleaner – Kip owns a new small carpet cleaning business. In fact, he bought the best carpet cleaning equipment there was to offer. At first he operated off of word of mouth referrals and did a darn good job. However, after he had cleaned all of his friends and family’s carpets, his well of business leads was almost dried up. So, he decided to look into getting website. His brother-in-law once built a little website for his son’s karate team, and said he’d do it for him cheap. Cheap is what Kip wanted. After all a good businessman gets things cheap right? So, he pays his brother-in-law a couple hundred bucks, and gets his website . . . 4 months later. While he was waiting for his site, Kip had to get a part-time job at the grocery store to make ends meet. Hey, that’s okay, we have to do what we can while we’re building our businesses, right? When he finally got the site, it was nothing special, and looked like those free ones you get with some hosting plans. In fact, it might have been just that, but Kip couldn’t tell, but he paid for it. Well, when Kip got his website, nothing changed. The site was boring, it wasn’t search engine optimized so nobody ever found his business online, and those who he gave his business card to, with his web address on it, went to his website and quickly left, not impressed by his online business-front. Kip kept working at the grocery store and still has some nice carpet cleaning machines out in his shed.

Randy the Rug Magician – Randy also started a carpet cleaning business. Although his equipment wasn’t best money could buy, it was good enough for the average carpet, and he would respectfully decline jobs that he knew he couldn’t handle. Randy had decided to invest his money into a marketing plan that included a professional website that cost him 4x what Kip paid for his. Randy’s plan was to focus on marketing so that he could get a steady stream of customers that would help him pay for the top of the line equipment he desired. So, while Kip was waiting on his brother-in-law to do his website for 4 months, Randy got his professional website in 2 weeks, and started marketing it online immediately. His website was professional, search engine optimized, and built to convert visitors into customers. In fact, when you went online to and searched for “AnyTownUsa carpet cleaning”, his website came up on the first page of the results. When potential customers went browsing for the right company, Randy’s professional website told his clients that he really knew his stuff and would do a great job. The result, Randy had steady flow of business from his investment in a quality website that was search engine optimized and built to convert visitors into buyers. He quickly was able to upgrade his carpet cleaning machines, and then franchised his operation to neighboring towns.

What does, Kip’s website cost him? Well, it cost him his business.
What does Randy’s website cost him? Absolutely nothing. It’s a money-making lead-generating asset.

What is your website costing you?

Ready to make a change? I can help. Visit my company website here.

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