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New FTC Blog Rules for Compensated Bloggers

If you’re a blogger writing on products that you’re given for free, or compensated for writing about, there are new FTC requirements for disclosing the endorsement. The rules are pretty simple and make sense. Basically, you have to simply disclose something like, “Company XYZ sent me this product and he’s what I think. . .” Here are four videos by the Federal Trade Commission outlining the new requirements.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

And for additional Questions and Answers about it, visit

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Free Internet from Google! While Bing and Yahoo! Answer Back.

I love National Public Radio. This morning they mentioned the free internet war between Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and it’s definitely worth a mention. Google has slowly taken over the internet world by providing stellar services at minimal or no direct cost. This time it’s internet service.

As a gift through the holidays this year, Google has subsidized WiFi internet access at various airports across the country to help promote the new Google Chrome browser of which I, personally, am a fan. How much are they subsidizing the internet access? Well, it’s Free. I’m telling you, Google it taking over the internet world.

Well, Bing and Yahoo! have answered back. Bing has been keeping up with the Joneses by offer the same free internet service at other airports across the country, while Yahoo! has decided to wire up New York’s Times Square with free WiFi through the holidays. Boy, the search engine and browser battle is getting pretty heated, and it looks like Google is still the Jones to keep up with.

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PeopleString Review – Monetized Social Networking

Okay, so I signed up for a free account with People String to check it out. After receiving several invites from a couple people, I decided to have a look at the guts of this business model and share my initial impressions and Peoplestring review.

From what I can tell at first glance, Peoplestring is a social networking and email service that rewards you in multiple ways for using their services.

Here’s one of the free banners that People String gives you to help spread the word on your blog or website.

Similar to Facebook, there is a social networking aspect of the site where you can update your status, add friends, join groups, etc. . . Additionally, there is a chat feature that brought me back to they days of AOL chat rooms of the early 90’s.

The system gives you an email address such as that is free, though it may take you a minute or two to find it. I found it by clicking on the rotating “Mail” icons on the right side of the  page.

Before I share my thoughts on the program, I actively participate in Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so that’s where my social networking foundation lies.

I think Peoplestring has  a great idea about putting money back into the pockets of the users, however, in my opinion, I think it’s a  “features overkill”.  For me, the dashboard is too busy with banners, buttons, links, tools, and news.

I’m guessing that once you get into it and spend some time with it, you’ll be able to easily navigate through the site.

Maybe I’ve been spoiled with the simple Twitter layout that asks nothing more than, “What are are you doing? and the Facebook update box that asks the question, “What’s on your mind?”.

Am I going to take Peoplestring as a serious business venture? Maybe. They have a lot of new features planned coming up for the network and I’m sure they’ll be working out the kinks as they go along. While I was trying to figure out the system, the number of people online was bouncing around 176 at any given time, which in today’s social networking word, is minuscule, however, you have to start somewhere.

Personally, I think People String needs to clean up the interface some so it’s easy to follow and so that it intuitively tells you what to do to use the services and generate income with the system. From what I can tell, you get paid by getting others to use the system,  taking surveys, and promoting some products like this Black Grape antioxidant drink.  It’s a bit overwhelming for me.

They do  have some tutorials and webinars and so forth to show you how to use it all, but to tell you the truth, I’m in an iPod state of mind. I want to be able to look at the dashboard and know what to do without an instruction manual.

Will I personally pursue Peoople String as a business?

Well, I’ve signed up  for my free account and I’ll definitely check in with them from time to time to see how the system is progressing. If they do clean things up to where I understand the system, I’ll definitely be launching my business and helping my downline to do the same.

Should you sign up for Peoplestring?

Yes. Why not? It’s free.

Sign up as part of my group by clicking the banner below and when I decide to take this business into full gear, you’ll be one of the first to get first-hand training on how I do it. Might as well jump in early and get paid a couple bucks doing so.

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It’s Great to Meet Local Entrepreneurs!

A big thanks to the Hawaii Women’s Business Center for hosting last night’s workshop on monetizing blogs and websites. The HWBC does a fantastic job organizing such events and it’s great to be a part of them. Over the last year, I’ve been invited to teach monthly at the HWBC and it’s been great meeting other local entrepreneurs and business owners.

We’re finalizing the date for next month’s workshop on a topic which I’m really excited about because I know it’ll make difference in your business. Check back soon for date and topic announcement.

Keep in touch everyone. If you haven’t already joined my newsletter be sure to do so, also you’re all invited to connect to me through LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Have a great day everyone! Keep in touch. Aloha.

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I Just Saved $107.04 Ordering Business Cards Online! Cheap!

Well, it was time to order more business cards and I went to my favorite place to order cheap business cards online, Vistaprint. They make it so easy to upload your own design or create a design with the endless templates they have. Anyway, I had my coupon code for 25%.

I had a feeling I could do better than a mere 25% off!

So, I decided to check out what kind of discount my Vistaprint affiliate banner would get me on my order. I clicked the banner on my blog homepage here at and here’s what happened to my order: Huge Vistaprint Order Discount My order that was supposed to total $175.45 was cut to just $68.44 including FREE Shipping!

Unreal! Anyway, if you’re looking to order business cards, magnetic signs, or other promotional items for your business, and want to get them cheap, be sure to use the Vistaprint affiliate banner on my homepage or at the end of this blog post.

You won’t get these steep discounts by going straight to the site. To get them, you have to click on the banner on my homepage or at the end of this blog post. On a side note, these offers are continually changing so if you’ll be due for new cards in the future, now is a great time to stock up. I am.

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