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You Tube Advertising: Free Training Video

This video was up for just one day and now it’s gone. Armand Morin is another great marketer and he’s putting out a new video every 2 days on various topics. Check the link below for the latest video. Previous video: If you’re ready to get dangerous on YouTube and market your business through You Tube advertising, this you won’t want to miss this video. It’s awesome! If you’ve every wondered how to get your ad to magically appear half way through a YouTube video, this training will show you how. I just watched the video, and if you’re serious about marketing your business with a tool that is virtually untouched by your competition, watch the video and sign up for the free notification about the next video that will be released. I personally just signed up for the free notification myself. To watch the You Tube Advertising video and to get notified of the next training video, Click Here. Or go directly to:

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Web Hosting Reviews and WordPress Blogs

As we all know blogging in an extremely powerful tool for generating traffic to your website and promoting your products and services. At a recent workshop we were discussing some of the differences between a hosted blog like those you can make at and those that you can make with your own scripts at (NOT

Well, recently, hosting companies have made it super simple to launch a WordPress blog with no internet or script installation experience at all. Many of the hosting accounts available today have an integrated service where, with a few clicks of the mouse, your WordPress blog will be set up and installed for you.

For more on setting up your own blog, come to my Blog Power workshop at the Hawaii Women’s Business Center in Honolulu on Thursday, August 20th from 5:30-7:30pm. We’re going to have tons of fun and learn some great stuff about building and marketing your blog. For more information and to register Click Here.

Also, if you’re looking for some reviews of hosting accounts that will install WordPress for you check out I’ll also put this web address in the links section of my blog for a few days.

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