Just $20 Gets You 9 Speakers and Lunch!

This Friday, November 1st from 8:30am to 3:00pm at Hilo Hattie in Honolulu, the “Six Figure Business Day” is on! And, how the heck they managed to make your registration just $20 with lunch included is a mystery to me. (However, I just got word that you need to register today to get lunch included. And, maybe tomorrow.)

“Easy Do-It-Yourself SEO that Works,” is the topic I’m going to speak on first thing in the morning, and then, along with you, I’ll be enjoying all the other workshops  for the rest of the day. Registrations are limited simply because the room can only hold a certain number of people.

For general information visit www.6figurebusinessday.com. When you’re ready to register, click here. They are tracking how many registrations come from each speaker. So if you could register with this link, that’d be super. And, for those that attend my session, I’ll be giving away away a special gift worth $150, no joke! What is it? Come, find out and be happy.

Here’s a rundown of  all the speakers, topics and schedule:

8:30am – 9:00am

Welcome by Kristen Robinson of KR Design

9:00am – 9:45am

Topic: Have Fun & Get It Done
Presenter: Jenée Dana

Ever hear the words time management and want to throw up? Are you struggling with finding time in the day to do it all? Learn to break the rules of traditional time management so you can run a successful business and still have time for a life.

Topic: Want more web traffic? Easy do-it-yourself SEO that works!
Presenter: Nate Burgoyne
It’s awesome to see your website move to page 1 of the search engines and watch your traffic soar! The first step is to learn search engine optimization. Join Nate in this workshop and learn how to do this at home with a regular computer and an internet connection. Those who attend this workshop will receive a FREE knock-your-socks-off gift from Nate that you won’t want to miss. 

10:00am – 10:45am

Topic: Earn Your Black Belt in Social Media Networking
Presenter: Kristen Robinson
Struggling to make money with social media? The key to social media is building relationships, consistency, and being “social”. Join Kristen Robinson of KR Design as she shows you how social media can help you build a profitable business with the skills that you intuitively have. Whether you are shy, an introvert, or outgoing, you can use social media as a means to network and raise your revenue!  Attendees at this workshop will walk away with steps they can implement right away and make an immediate impact on their business.

Topic: The Legal Needs of Small Business Owners and the Legal Solution Plan
Presenter: Tamana Tanielu
Doing Business in the 21st Century is both exciting and rewarding. However, business owners are facing legal challenges and various needs today more than ever. Tamana will highlight some of the legal issues and needs facing entrepreneurs in the 21st century and the legal solutions that LegalShield provides to help business owners.

11:00am – 11:45am

Topic: Increasing Your Brand Awareness through Custom Packaging and Promotional Products
Presenter: Jodi Uehara
Details coming soon!

Topic: Overcome Email Overwhelm & Turn Your Emails Into an Asset
Presenter: Kaylee Spinhirn
Do you have 1,000s of emails sitting in your inbox? Are people ignoring your emails?
Join Kaylee Spinhirn of Spinhirn Solutions as she walks you through her 7 steps of eliminating email overwhelm and how your emails can be more than just a communication tool. Attendees will walk away with immediate action steps to reduce the clutter in their inbox and build profitable client relationships.

12:00pm – 12:45pm

Lunch or VIP Networking Experience with Sloane Ketcham (VIP Ticketholders only)
Join Sloane Ketcham for this awesome VIP experience where she will teach you how to unleash your Inner Networking Guru. This is a must for businesses or professionals that depend on
word-of-mouth marketing for their business. Sloane will teach you her 7 simple networking strategies that will set a solid foundation and have you networking with purpose!

1:00pm – 1:45pm

Topic: The Power of Viral Videos for your Business
Presenter: Jeff Orig
Viral videos are powerful tools to help connect to your audience on a personal level as well as reaching out to new potential clients in seconds. Jeff will share what makes a viral video go viral, their power, and how your business can make a successful one.

Topic: How a glass vase, the colony of Jamestown, & Specificity have to do with my personal history to 6 Figure Success Presenter: Charlie Teixeira
Be prepared to draw, role play (voluntarily), & collaborate in this interactive and hands-on workshop. Charlie will just give it to you straight and tell you her six nuggets of wisdom that she’s collected over the years.

2:00pm – 2:45pm

Speaker Discussion Panel (Use hashtag #6FigureBizDay to get your questions answered!)

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